Colorful Birthday Party

Celebrate Long Beach

Long Beach kids are spread across 9 districts. Children don't choose their birthday or zip code. Celebrate Long Beach is bridging our City's equity gap by helping children build friendships with neighbors in different zip codes.

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Sustainable Energy

Environmental Justice

Long Beach residents want to live in an environmentally just city. A City where highly polluted air, food deserts and park poor neighborhoods are a thing of the past instead of the current state of affairs. We're doing something about it! Learn more here.


Constitutional Policing

Long Beach residents deserve a police force they can trust. Rewarding good officers and holding bad officers accountable assures that all residents can participate in improving our city's safety. Learn more here.




The entire city's heart was warmed when over the 2020 Holiday we witnessed the line of cars snaking around the Long Beach Convention Center. Cars full of our neighbors were in line for foods for their families. Food insecurity is an ever present but easily shielded reality. Together we can bring hope and nutrition to families. Learn more here.