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Here's the BIG Picture


No matter what side of the political aisle you favor, recalling Mayor Garcia is in your best interest.

The Recall is Best for Everyone

Cheating Locals on their Water Bills

The Mayor and City Council are using your tax dollars to pay City attorneys to appeal a law suit that saves residents money on their water bill. I guess getting caught stealing $90 Million in 2017 wasn't enough.

Mismanagement at Long Beach Airport

Mayor Garcia says he's doing a great job as Mayor because he modernized the Long Beach Airport with $80 Million from local taxpayers. Never mind that he spent more than $80 Million paying for the legal problems of a few bad apple officers we should have let go. Imagine how modern our city could be if we didn't waste so much.

Mayor Garcia Put Latinx Residents out on the street

Mayor Garcia betrayed the residents who elected him. Instead of leading on issues like cost of living, housing and quality of life, Mayor Garcia betrayed Latinx locals on the very things that impact their families the most. This is why residents of all races are helping us recall the mayor.